Google Cloud IoT Core on MACCHIATObin

The Google Cloud IoT Core project, a service provided by the Google Cloud Platform, is now supported on the MACCHIATObin board. As one

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Marvell MACCHIATObin Community Board Now Shipping

Read “Marvell MACCHIATObin Community Board Now Shipping” blog post on Marvell’s official blog page:

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MACCHIATObin featured at CNXSoft

The MACCHIATObin was also covered on CXNSoft, read more on the respective blog post here: SolidRun MACCHIATOBin Mini-ITX Networking Board is Now

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NFV for the Masses

Read Marvell’s “NFV for the Masses” presentation given at last year’s ARM Mini-Summit: Summit 16: ARM Mini-Summit – NFV for the Masses

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Read more on Marvell’s Cost-Effective, High-Performance ARMADA 8040 Networking Community Board for OpenDataPlane, OpenFastPath and ARM NFV Ecosystems :    

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