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That’s there.

I can build u-boot-2015.01-armada-17.04
$ make DTC=dtc -j4
and ATF.

I used prebuild kernel for mcbin 4.4.8-armada-17.02.2-g4126e30
and rootfs for raspi3 devuan_jessie_1.0.0_arm64_raspi3.img

BootROM – 2.03
Starting CP-0 IOROM 1.07
Booting from SD 0 (0x29)
Found valid image at boot postion 0x000
lNOTICE: Starting binary extension
NOTICE: Gathering DRAM information
mv_ddr: mv_ddr-devel-17.04.0-gf0fda76-dirty (Jun 11 2017 – 04:39:01)
mv_ddr: completed successfully
NOTICE: Booting Trusted Firmware
NOTICE: BL1: v1.3(release):devel-17.04.0:80316c8
NOTICE: BL1: Built : 04:39:05, Jun 11 2017
NOTICE: BL1: Booting BL2
lNOTICE: BL2: v1.3(release):devel-17.04.0:80316c8
NOTICE: BL2: Built : 04:39:05, Jun 11 2017
NOTICE: BL1: Booting BL31
lNOTICE: BL31: v1.3(release):devel-17.04.0:80316c8
NOTICE: BL31: Built : 04:39:05, Jun 11 2017

U-Boot 2015.01-devel-17.04.1 (Jun 11 2017 – 04:24:47)

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