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Hi slimsamu,

Apparently board’s passive cooling was designed for ambient-t-controlled environments, and most developers’ workbenches clearly do not qualify. So active cooling is the way to go, and the purpose of this thread ; )

Re fans, in my experience 80mm-diameter fans are perfect for positioning right by the edge of the board, blowing at the SoC’s heatsink (incoming ascii art warning):

   | I           |
   | I           |
F->| .  ###      |
F->| .  ###      |
F->|             |

N  - network connectors
I  - PCIe3.0 x4 slot
.  - missing JTAG connector
F  - 80mm fan
#  - SoC
-> - airflow

Clearly, a solution where the fan is positioned right on top of the heatsink would be optimal, but the board does not provide any attachment means for such contraptions.

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