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    I noticed that the 16GB ECC DIMM (Micron MTA18ADF2G72AZ-2G3B1) recommended in an earlier thread is no longer made, Micron recommend to use MTA18ADF2G72AZ-2G6E1 as a replacement. The only difference I can see if that it’s a DDR4-2666 DIMM but from my understanding it should still work okay, it’ll just be run at a lower speed. Has anyone tried this DIMM in their board?


    Hi, I think so too.
    It’s no problem on the specification.
    But my 2400 module was affected by this firmware bug.
    That is still stock remaining.

    Anyway, VLP is so cool. 🙂


    I’ve tried two DDR4 16MB ECC unbuffered memory modules, one from Kingston, other from Micron. Both of them resulted in this error:

    mv_ddr: mv_ddr-armada-18.09.2-g99d7725 (Nov 24 2018 – 09:11:08 PM)
    mv_ddr4_dq_vref_calibrate failure
    Title: I/F# , Tj, Calibration_n0, Calibration_p0, Calibration_n1, Calibration_p1, Calibration_n2, Calibration_p2,C
    S0 ,…


    There is a report with Kingston’s EUDIMM.
    DDR training fails on ARMADA 8040 / MACCHIATObin with KVR24E17D8/16

    Latest mv_ddr code (mv_ddr-devel-18.12.0) has another fixes for A8K.

    mv_ddr: apn806: fix RX align shift process 
    mv_ddr: apn806: remove stage2 and fix Tx vref configuration error 
    mv_ddr: apn806 : remove decreasing 50mv of the CPU_CORE AVS before tr… 
    mv_ddr: apn806: fix write leveling suplementary algo

    I just bought a 16 gig stick of Kingston ValueRAM with ECC (Kingston Technology ValueRAM 16GB 2400MHz DDR4 ECC CL17 DIMM 2Rx8 Desktop Memory (KVR24E17D8/16)).

    It works… for a while. Somewhere between a couple hours and a day and you’ll get a hard lock. If you push the board you can get it to happen faster.

    So learn from my mistakes. That particular stick does not work.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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