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    Aside from the RAM that is factory-shipped with the MacchiatoBin and which works just fine, users might look into other options; so this thread is about alternative DIMM sources.

    I’m considering going samsung M393A2K43BB1-CRC0Q — 16GB RDIMM DDR4 ECC, so any success/failure stories with same-class/similar DIMMs are welcome.



    From SolidRun’s Wiki
    Tested and Working:
    4GB-2400: M378A5244CB0-CRC00 Samsung
    8GB-2400: MTA9ASF1G72AZ-2G3B1ZG Micron (ECC)
    16GB-2400: M378A2K43BB1-CRC00 Samsung
    16GB-2400: HMA82GU6AFR8N-UHN0 Hynix

    Micron’s recommendation(chip):

    Bundled 4GB DIMM:
    SAMSUNG M378A5244CB0-CRC (Non-ECC)

    There is no mention of compatibility with RDIMM.



    Thanks for the heads-up, nanasi!

    So if RDIMM ends up not an option (hopefully not, I really don’t want to go that big without ECC, and I have easy access only to that RDIMM with ECC here), I have as a second option here M378A2K43CB1-CRCD0, which is the next revision of the M378A2K43BB1-CRC they have listed on that page. Good.

    BTW, bundled DIMM in my case was M378A5644EB0-V03.



    I have confirmation RDIMM won’t do.

    Ok, I found the ‘big brother’ to the 8GB Micron ECC – the dual-ranked MTA18ADF2G72AZ-2G3B1, for a reasonable price. 8GB RAM + 8GB ramdrive, here I come!



    I confirm that the above MTA18ADF2G72AZ-2G3B1ZK (dual-ranked 16GB Micron with ECC) works fine. It could also be found as a Supermicro branded DIMM (which was my case), but the original Micron part number was preserved on the DIMM.



    @blu Where did you find the ram module

    MTA18ADF2G72AZ-2G3B1ZK (dual-ranked 16GB Micron with ECC)

    I searched on google but I could not find any sources of it, nor I found it on Newegg. Could you please recommend a source?
    Also, does anyone know if it’s possible to get from any source the board without any accessory (PSU, ram module, etc)?



    @euglcv Here is the Supermicro-branded version of the DIMM: http://store.supermicro.com/memory/ddr4/16gb-ddr4-2400-mem-dr416l-cv02-eu24.html

    If you zoom at the left side of the DIMM you’ll notice the original Micron designation.

    Re sources of Macchiatobin — that’s a tough question; SolidRun are in super-long lead times currently; I recently tried ordering from Avnet (1st vendor on the ‘Order now’ page) but they refuse to ship to non-businesses (which was my case). So let us know if you find another source.



    I found the mention of a registered DIMM in the “IRC log of #cubox of Mon 24 Apr 2017”.
    Is seems that
    hardware: supported
    software: notyet



    @nanasi, so hw is capable and we can expect RDIMM support in the future? Good to know.



    I can not expect much.
    – No official comment.
    – Maximum memory on mcbin is 16GB and 8Gb-chip is popular already.
    – More than half a year passed.



    @nanasi, I’m not expecting much either, but in these dark DRAM times (10 eur/GB, with some luck) anything that could ease off the pricing would be welcome.

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