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    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone has successfully booted from eMMC on the macchiatobin single shot rev 1.3. The error I get from BootROM is this:
    Booting from eMMC 0
    EMMC –
    Error interrupt: 00048000
    EMMC – Failed 00000061
    EMMC – Failed 00000061
    EMMC –
    Error interrupt: 00048000
    EMMC –
    Error interrupt: 00048000
    Error: failed reading from boot position 0x00000000
    Error: Failed boot attempt 01. error = 0x0A1

    It retries 3 more times at the same boot position before abandoning and switching to UART boot. I have properly configured the jumpers as indicated on the board and in the manuals. I also probed the boot mode vector [5:0] which had the value 0x2A which corresponds to the AP_eMMC boot mode. Furthermore, no activity was seen on the CMD nor DAT[0] after power up. Also the reset is not used on power-up, but I believe that is OK as the eMMC will ignore it by default.

    I made sure to enable the eMMC’s first boot partition, but this did not help. Also, I would have expected the BootROM to attempt to boot from a second boot position from eMMC (even if my booloader image is bad) but it does not do that, probably because it fails to access the eMMC. Furthermore, I can successfully boot to Linux from the micro SD card, and then I can access the eMMC without any problem which tells me that the hardware is functional.

    Has anyone encountered a similar issue or can advice on what I might have missed, that will be greatly appreciated.



    I found a similar log.
    IRC log of channel #cubox on freenode
    But my mcbin(v1.2) does not report “Error interrupt” if eMMC is blank.

    If you have datasheet for 88F8040,
    you might want to check definitions of “SDIO Registers/Error Interrupt Status Register”
    and “Boot ROM routine and Error Code Register”.
    (Register names are my guess.)

    I suspect that it is a simple hardware defect.
    If your warranty is expired,
    is there an any reason why you do not use SPI-boot?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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