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    Compassionate Leadership
    Rediscovering Jesus’ Radical Leadership Style

    by Theodore Wilhelm Engstrom

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    • Author: Theodore Wilhelm Engstrom
    • Format: hardcover
    • Language: english
    • ISBN: 9780830741885 (0830741887)
    • Publisher: Regal
    • Release date: April 12, 2006

    About The Book

    What do compassionate leaders with years of experience have to say to leaders of today? What does Christ’s example show us about leadership? What are the perils and pitfalls that can ensnare young Christian leaders? In “Compassionate Leadership” Ted Engstrom and Paul Cedar bring their considerable experience to bear on the issues facing young leaders of today. Instead of discussing power, management and organization, their advice involves being generous, believing in people and helping to meet needs, encouarging friends, getting excited about the good things that happen to others and helping others in their walk with the Lord. Jesus told us that to become great, we must be compassionate servants. Here’s how.

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