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    We have recently bought a couple of single shot board for our evaluvation purpose. These boards having problem on boot with eMMC image and getting stuck with uboot prompt. I have checked with the command mmc dev 0 , fatls mmc 0:1 or ext4ls mmc 0:1 , these commands provides no valid partiton table. Is this problem on the image or something in target?

    We downloaded the ubuntu rootfs from the download page and extracted to the first partition. On booting with SD , the kernel stucks ends with some crashes. On placing the image and dtb from mcbin-single-shot-linux-4.4.52 .tar.bz2, it successfully booting the ubuntu image. Could you tell what was the issue?

    One more questions, Whether ubuntu prebuilt image have the support for musdk binaries, kernel modules, dpdk and odp ? Could you please tell what was best way to compile the binaries using buildroot or yocto?

    What is the major difference between musdk-odp and musdk-dpdk?

    Do you have any tutorial on running KVM on single shot board?

    Thanks in Advance !!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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