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    Hello everyone,

    I’m opening this new topic about, as the title says, OpenBSD support on the Macchiatobin.

    I’m very eager about OpenBSD being supported on this platform for several reasons.

    First of all, I use a Soekris 6501 running OpenBSD (actually 6.1) for a home-made router.
    I don’t like nor trust the ISP provider routers, so I set them on bridge mode and manage my own network behind using Packet Filter and openvpn.

    The other thing is living in Japan gives me some awesome options for internet connection.
    Here the gigabit fiber connection is the norm, and lately this gem has been made available:
    Since everyone can’t read Japanese here’s what it says:
    For 3980Yen per month the first year (6480 after that), you get an asynchronous 10gb/2.5gb fiber connection. available for individual homes or apartments up to 5th floor (dunno why).
    The ONU is capable of wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac at 1.3gb
    Option available for ip phone at 500Yen per month.
    No provided email.
    There are some installation fee to consider, but any other provider has too.

    So yeah, 10G available for anyone who wants it. And I do 🙂

    Problem is, my Soekris 6501 is a nice beast, but it has no 10G port, and no PCIe 4x nor 8x port to accommodate a 10G network card.

    The Macchiatobin looks like the savior here.
    just as compact as a Soekris, with good 10G connectivity.

    Right now it runs on Linux 4.4.* kernel, good thing but I would really like to have a router with OpenBSD.

    I have read some comments around (but strangely not on this forum) form others people having too an interest for an OpenBSD support.
    So since there is no open topic right now, here I create one and I hope it would gather other people interested.

    Thank you.


    In case you’d be ok with pfSense, I just spotted this: https://twitter.com/gonzopancho/status/843856253071908864


    Macchiatobin considered as a supported platform for PfSense 3.0 ? hmmm would be nice.

    But the announce of the PfSense 3.0 roadmap backs to the beginning of 2015… and it’s not OpenBSD anyway 😉


    Some progress.

    Using the uSD image at this page kindly made by Mark I was able to boot the OpenBSD installer minirootfs image.

    Alas, there is a catch,
    -I was unable to access to the USB either with a key or a HDD on a dock. I had to use the internal SATA ports to connect a drive.
    -No network !

    The Network being unsupported is a big drawback, it defeats a lot the purpose, I hope some progress soon.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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