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    I have noticed extremely poor performance when using one of the 10G sfp ethernet adapters as an internal interface for routing out to the internet. This is with the marvell 4.4.52 kernel. Otherwise the 10G interface seems to perform well, speed directly between internal clients and the 10G interface is extremely fast, saturates client links. However, traffic going out to internet maxes out at about 5mbps. I am fairly sure that this is a peculiarity of the 10G hardware because when using just the gigabit interface for routing (setting up one vlan interface for internal traffic and another to connect out to the internet) speed is much faster and saturates the cable modem link at 200mbps.

    I am using one of the sfp ports on the mcbin single shot. Anyone have any idea as to why this is happening? I am using shorewall as firewall.


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