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    I recently found a note about SoC revisions in u-boot source.

            /* A8040 A1/A2 doesn't support linux kernel cpuidle feautre,
             * so U-boot needs to update Linux bootargs according
             * to the device id:
             * Device       Device_ID
             * -------------------------------
             * A8040 A1     0x18040
             * A8040 A2     0x28040
             * A8040 B0     0x08045
             * So we need to check if 16 LSB bits are 0x8040.
             * The variable 'type', which is returned by
             * get_soc_type_rev() holds these bits.
            if (type == A8040_DEVICE_ID)
                    env_set("cpuidle", "cpuidle.off=1");

    It appeared in version 2017.03-devel-18.08.0 or later.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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