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    I am trying to use crypto-echo application, but so far after using “musdk_pp2_crypto_echo OPTIONS” i get error like this: “mmc1: Timeout waiting for hardware interrupt.”

    1. I want to describe what I have already researched.

    I am following these guides:
    http://wiki.macchiatobin.net/tiki-index.php?page=Getting+Started+with+MUSDK (BSP HowTo and Software user guide)
    https://github.com/MarvellEmbeddedProcessors/musdk-marvell/tree/musdk-armada-17.10/doc (SAM user guide, examples, Getting started)

    After reading trough these guides I made a small list of things that must be done in order to use SAM drivers:
    1. After patching linux kernel I must build Safexcel crypto driver:
    make modules M=drivers/crypto/inside-secure/
    2. After doing first step I must build SAM UIO kernel module:
    cd ~
    cd musdk/
    cd modules/sam/
    3. After building all modules I must prepare EIP197 Firmware images:
    Get EIP197 Firmware from release binaries and copy them to target file system under directory “/lib/firmware/eip197”.
    Binary files: ipue.bin, ifpp.bin.
    THIS is the problematic part, I can`t find firmware and binary files ipue.bin and ifpp.bin.
    4. While configuring and building MUSDK
    ./configure –enable-sam
    5. I am using flash drive and formating it to ext4 and copying modules to /mnt/usr/bin in my case. I copy following modules:
    sudo cp ~/musdk/modules/sam/*.ko .
    sudo cp ~/musdk/modules/uio/*.ko .
    sudo cp ~/musdk/modules/pp2/*.ko .
    sudo cp ~/kernel/4.4.52/drivers/crypto/inside-secure/*.ko .
    6. After I boot usb flash drive, I type the following:
    ifconfig eth0 up
    ifconfig eth0 promisc
    ifconfig eth1 up
    ifconfig eth1 promisc
    insmod /usr/bin/musdk_uio.ko(usr/bin only in my case)
    insmod /usr/bin/mv_pp_uio.ko
    insmod /usr/bin/mv_sam_uio.ko
    insmod /usr/bin/crypto_safexcel.ko

    2. Error description

    These are all main steps shorty described.
    After typing insmod /usr/bin/crypto_safexcel.ko in step 1.6 i get:

    [  130.888958] crypto-safexcel f2800000.eip197: Direct firmware load for eip1972
    [  130.898676] crypto-safexcel f2800000.eip197: request_firmware failed (fw: ei)
    [  130.906988] crypto-safexcel f2800000.eip197: eip197_load_fw failed           
    [  130.913204] crypto-safexcel f2800000.eip197: EIP h/w init failed (-2)        
    [  130.919814] crypto-safexcel: probe of f2800000.eip197 failed with error -2   
    [  130.927683] crypto-safexcel f4800000.eip197: Direct firmware load for eip1972
    [  130.937393] crypto-safexcel f4800000.eip197: request_firmware failed (fw: ei)
    [  130.945705] crypto-safexcel f4800000.eip197: eip197_load_fw failed           
    [  130.951917] crypto-safexcel f4800000.eip197: EIP h/w init failed (-2)        
    [  130.958522] crypto-safexcel: probe of f4800000.eip197 failed with error -2 

    And after trying to use application – ./musdk_pp2_crypto_echo -i eth0,eth1 –crypto-proto esp –tunnel(for example) I get “mmc1: Timeout waiting for hardware interrupt.” and after that:

    [  342.652543] INFO: rcu_preempt detected stalls on CPUs/tasks:                 
    [  342.658241]  0-...: (0 ticks this GP) idle=219/140000000000000/0 softirq=132 
    [  342.666801]  (detected by 3, t=21010 jiffies, g=78, c=77, q=119)             
    [  342.672844] Task dump for CPU 0:                                             
    [  342.676083] musdk_pp2_crypt R  running task        0  1367   1320 0x00000002 
    [  342.683183] Call trace:                                                      
    [  342.685643] [<ffffffc000086b70>] __switch_to+0x88/0xa0                       
    [  342.690802] [<ffffffc0d48c6b00>] 0xffffffc0d48c6b00 

    After some time error message goes like this:

    [  480.284562] INFO: task jbd2/sda1-8:1240 blocked for more than 120 seconds.   
    [  480.291476]       Tainted: G           O    4.4.52-armada-17.10.1-ged19fe6 #3
    [  480.298648] "echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/hung_task_timeout_secs" disables this.
    [  480.306520] jbd2/sda1-8     D ffffffc000086b70     0  1240      2 0x00000000 
    [  480.313632] Call trace:                                                      
    [  480.316091] [<ffffffc000086b70>] __switch_to+0x88/0xa0                       
    [  480.321261] [<ffffffc0008ca150>] __schedule+0x190/0x5d8                      
    [  480.326518] [<ffffffc0008ca5dc>] schedule+0x44/0xb8                          
    [  480.331478] [<ffffffc0008cd274>] schedule_timeout+0x15c/0x1b0                
    [  480.337257] [<ffffffc0008c9f48>] io_schedule_timeout+0xb0/0x128              
    [  480.343257] [<ffffffc0008caf60>] bit_wait_io+0x18/0x70                       
    [  480.348424] [<ffffffc0008cabe4>] __wait_on_bit+0xa4/0xe0                     
    [  480.353808] [<ffffffc0008cac7c>] out_of_line_wait_on_bit+0x5c/0x68           
    [  480.360029] [<ffffffc0001da32c>] __wait_on_buffer+0x2c/0x38                  
    [  480.365678] [<ffffffc00026fa28>] jbd2_journal_commit_transaction+0xcb8/0x13e0
    [  480.372852] [<ffffffc0002734dc>] kjournald2+0xc4/0x248                       
    [  480.378063] [<ffffffc0000d245c>] kthread+0xdc/0xf0                           
    [  480.382883] [<ffffffc000085dd0>] ret_from_fork+0x10/0x40 

    It is quite clear that I need to deal with step 3 and find eip197 FW, but i just don’t know where to find it. Of course solving step 3 does not guarantee that application will run. Maybe I have some mistakes that are only relevant to me. I need this board only for this crypto-echo application atm. I wonder that I can’t be the only one experiencing this kind of problem. It is just an example and it should work, this can’t be that hard. I suppose I am just missing something, probably skipped some step or didn’t notice something. I went trough all forum posts and found out that nanasi is having the same problem and no solution is provided for this problem.


    I have asked the question about how to get the binary files for EIP197 from contact form.

    About ten days ago, I got reply from solidrun.

    to get access to the binaries, Marvell need these information:
    * Contracting Party Name:
    * Street Address:
    * City:
    * State/Province:
    * Postal Code:
    * Country:
    * Contact Name:
    * Title:
    * Phone:
    * Fax:
    * E-mail:
    Kind regards

    Since I haven’t responded yet, I don’t know whether there are any further requirements.



    I did some research, trying my luck and using good old google. I somehow found this guide:
    This guide explains how to prepare system for using crypto-echo application.
    Later I discovered site : https://extranet.marvell.com/login/index.jsp
    After you register, you can navigate to Embedded Processors > ARMADA 80×0 > Software > Jun 2017 > Standalone SDK packages > User Space Applications > MUSDK.

    There you will find musdk-17.0.03.zip. It contains needed files. Good luck nanasi hope this helps.


    Did you registered?
    Do you have an NDA?

    I have found that site referenced here(“Additional Information”) before.
    But I haven’t registered since it says:

    If your company has an NDA with Marvell, please register here.
    If you do not have an NDA, please contact your Marvell sales representative.

    Only corporate email domains will be accepted.


    Yes i actually have NDA, I am working under another company and we do have corporate email. I can’t send you these files, because of that. Only thing you can do in your case I suppose is to contact them, and hope that they will give you access to extranet.marvell. So far I am testing SAM examples, most of them worked, but esp tunnel still does not work. All in all, if crypto-echo application is broken, what is the point of doing this whole process. I will continue my work, in case if you are interested in further results, just write here and after some while I will share them.


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